My Lord, I think I saw him yesternight…”

by abubhaji


“My Lord, I think I saw him yesternight…”  by Abu Bhaji (photo still from Onibaba)
Believe not, everything you see, thee Horatio.
Be it a chilling apparition that appears to know
Of melancholy calls from the living,
And given chance to answer, is all too giving;
As if by Will, it was writ to accommodate,
To intervene, and bandage fate,
Its purpose in death, is in life to mitigate,
Most unnatural acts before ‘tis too late.
To be or not to be, it must contemplate,
Not unlike you or I, bound in such a state,
Binged on Starbucks and staying up late,
Brewing and brooding over life’s mistakes,
Forgetting not, to play one must pay the stakes.
Listen to what I tell you, Horatio, my friend;
I too long, that one gone would return again,
My fond lady, from the bottom of the lake.
Go now, with haste, ‘fore my mending heart breaks
And from its tender wound, another ghost makes.