Song of the Dodo

by abubhaji


Beyond the willows, near riverbed’s side,
Knee deep in marsh reeds, where the mud bugs hide,
Flutters a dodo that no one has seen,
(‘Cept for the fairies in dandelion dreams)
With fantastic feathers, some green, some blue,
Some red, some violet, some tangerine too.
Firefly flickers and floats on the wind,
Waiting and wanting the song to begin.
Then squawks the dodo, a whistle and hoot,
Stirring with passion, it hops on one foot,
Flapping its plumage with feathery pride,
Knowing there’s no one to come to its side.
Only and lonely, it longs for a mate,
And sings to the moon, forsaken by fate.
Song of the Dodo – by Abu Bhaji  / picture