No Bullshit

by abubhaji

You’ll find no bullshit here.
I’ve traveled too far,
Swung too many steps,
Swallowed too many spiders
In my sleep, to bullshit you now.
If I had the time, to bullshit,
I’d use it more wisely, trust me-
Cut coupons on my couch,
Because getting something for
Nothing, that’s no bullshit.
Buy me a beer, brother,
I have license to live!
but hell, it’s in my wallet, at home;
Wouldn’t want to lose it
Like I have, everything else.
I can pay you back Tuesday.
You can trust me. We share
The same goal in life,
Search for the same truth,
Root for the same team.
What’d you say your name was?
Well, let me tell You something;
 We’re both better off like this.
A boozy barfly,
barfly to you!
Suits me better than spider
Swallowed in the night.
That’s no bullshit.