Whatcha gonna do with a ding-dang-do?

by abubhaji

Whatcha gonna do with a ding-dang-do?
Do ya bake it or rake it or seal it with glue?
Do ya buy it, deny it, or tell it what’s true?
Maybe, slip it some spurs ‘n call it buckaroo
or google it’s feeding habits ‘n cook it fondue?
Teach it crochete, Feng shui, ‘n kung-fu.
Read it a book…
“Aboo, a book?”
“Can you give us an example or two?”
Curious George goes to the Zoo
I Sing the Body Electric
The Taming of the Shrew
The Turn of the Screw
The Tao of Pooh,
To name a few….
So, now,
whatcha plan ta do
with that there
Have I hexed you, perplexed you, so you ain’t got a clue?
Have no fear,
fearless poets,
here comes Abu
and he knows just what to do with a ding-