Know Shit

by abubhaji

How’s the writing?”
She asked.
“I feel like a kid,”
I said,
“playing with its food.”
I’d been pushing words
back and forth, across my plate,
all night.
All the good words
were gobbled down hours ago,
only shit remained.
“I don’t get you,”
She said.
“Kids know shit,”
I said with a squint-eye,
“despite popular belief.”
Kids know there’s
No redeeming value
In slopping down soggy vegetables.
Likewise, there’s no redeeming
value in over-cooked syllables.
They’re just shit.
That’s why you feed them
to the begging dog, waiting
under the table.
It’s common knowledge
dogs are known to eat
their own shit.
“Dog’s know shit.”
I told her, with conviction.
“Kids know shit.”
“yeah, well,
for you”,
she said,
“you’re neither.”