by abubhaji

“Don’t over-bet yourself,”
he’d say, scribbling over tin box,
daily paper and Daily Form
marked up, calculations in red.
Post-time predictions point
to Boy Scout setting the pace;
Bambino’s got the Beyers but
Houdini’s Genie’s got the bullet.
“Don’t over bet yourself”
-his words still echo
as I brood and I plot and I
watch my race unfold in mind’s eye.
Patience looks to pay well, odds
favor gift horse from Glendale barn,
Lighting Slide is on lasix, and
My Life was given a drop in class.
It’s definitely a rush to get into-
practicing clairvoyance
when your future is on the line;
The old man knew this.
Best advice I never took;
my heart wouldn’t let me –
It’s always believed
in the chance
all my horses will come in.