by abubhaji

Forty days,
maybe forty nights
ago, I came upon
a halo
someone tossed out a window, on
the interstate; it
rolled like a hubcap right along
side of me, along the shoulder
where my car was stalled
I felt bad for the party
that lost it; such a prized
coveted possession, I thought.
The next morning, I called
in sick, went down to the local
paper, and put out an ad.
“Person like me doesn’t need a reward,”
I wrote. “for doing a good deed.”
It was a halo for
Christ’s sake.
Nobody called. I waited. Nothing.
I placed another ad, and another, another paper;
Zilch –
A couple weeks ago, I decided
enough time had passed, and listed
it on eBay, Craigslist too. “Willing to part
with family heirloom,” I wrote, “for a meek
asking price.” It was a halo for
Christ’s sake.
I’ve dropped the price
since then –
There’s an elderly church, The Heavenly House,
near my stop, so I poked in there
and left a note on their board.
Feeling desperate, I also bought a can
of googone between shifts and cleaned
it up righteous. Shines like
a Holy Ghost-buckle. Benevolently
I plastered all the poles down
Martin Luther King Boulevard to Telegraph
with picture print-outs
the day before
last –
Nothing. No hits. No bids. No calls. No cares.
No one wants a halo.
Not anymore.
It’s as if they’ve fallen, like an apple, out
of fashion, out of trend, out of
relevance –
No one, now, needs
a halo.
Not today.
I still need to sell it tho-
so I can stop taking
the bus.