by abubhaji

Today, I no longer wait: I no longer wait, in want.
Today, I will set to stone my story and write my future into the stars.
This will be my manifesto, but better; it will be my manibesto.
And gone, will be the prose of the opposition. Open, is my window for their words to blow out; drawn by the wayward wind, departing as flies, they will become obscurities in the vocabulary to the spirit of my new life.
And gone, I say. Walking out on stills, will be the bad memories that have run circles around my heart. Gone, will be their merciless paws that dig malignant trenches by the weight of their stalkings; all while their wailin’ causin’-a-ringin’ in my ears. I will make them ascend the ladder of forgiveness, strap poles to their weakened limbs, and send them on their pseudo-silent way.
                                Today, I will not wait for tomorrow. With the wayward moon at my back, I will not back down. My path awaits me with enthusiasm; like a loyal puppy, it races up to greet me when it hears the turning of the latch. I do not disappoint it. Today, I have turned the latch on our celestial door and my palm rests flush against its organic grain. Pressure swells in my fingertips; they too are anxious for this moment, this door to open.
I embrace the living and the dead. I pay my respects to their iambic ashes and tip my hat to their blameless tame verse.
I forgive the trespassers, for they begin and end with me. Today, they no longer own it. They are merely ambiance along my path. I rebuke their influence as I institute my own, under the flag, the flag of my own lonesome art.