by abubhaji

Ke ha’a la puna eeeeee
ka ma ka ni la –
Kumu’s voice was the cord that Maui used to capture the Sun
(I lalo)
He’d tell us to go lower at the knees and we would
(chest up!)
He’d tell us to raise our chests, shoulders back, backs straight and we would
Ha’a ku ulu
eee Kea’au
Kumu’s presence was as intense as Pele’s scornful flames; leaping from his fingertips, across the heke of his ipu –
(Boom! tap-tap, Boom! tap-tap, Boom! tap-tap, Boom-Boom-Boom! tap-tap)
(ooli! Uwehe)
We would turn, in line, sweat and sway, with knees bent, pray our legs would be able to take a little more before
we’d (Boom! tap-tap) fall shaking (tap-tap) upon the wet floor.
Ee-aye, Ee-aye, Ee-aye, Ee-aye, Eeee-aaaaye!
He inoa no