by abubhaji

Doing my best.
Doing my best people, to pass the test.
Litmus test
indicates I am no longer
available. Is that okay?
honestly, that’s what
this world needs and …. and you give us this?
Give? I haven’t. I won’t. It’s not polite. People, just don’t want to receive.
Maybe, it is me? Maybe,
there’s not enough time.  Maybe, this step is not big enough for the world of us?
What would society think?
What would she think? If, I got loster than I am now?
let’s face it,
is the new found.
Isn’t it?
It’s not about the destination, anymore.
Even Siddhartha failed to reach the other shore, or rather, he
chose to, show rather,
than enjoy,
what the late Cobain chose to terminate.
What about it? Do I need it?
Now, inside of today. How do the two relate?
Is it so inconceivable
to be feasible
Let Fate do its job. Let the Day stand. Why won’t you give us a break?
Give? I haven’t. I shouldn’t. I would not, could not…
Are we In Media Res yet? I’d like to get to the point.
What point is that?
That we’ve moved further away
under the presumption that we’re
more connected, that being connected means being
all the while taking
the instant
for gratification. The whole world of us;
we need more story, less talk.
Less me.
“Abu,” they say, “what are you trying to pull?”
The tooth-fairy just lost her
benefits and there’s rumor she’ll be replaced by a temp.
I feel for her.
I’ve been there. In that
“there’s no such thing as the tooth-fairy…”
To you! To you!
To you, to you, to you! No such thing-
To you!
In a little mesh bag, in a little tin can, in a little
cardboard box, in the top drawer; count them.
Count them all; tops, bottoms, molars, even canine, locks
of hair, tiny hospital bracelets. Count them and then count
the lies you’ve told.
No need to apologize. I’ve told them too.
Not to you.
Not to the world of us.
You want to know Abu in (31) words?
Come to my house and
sit in my chair and
drink from my mug and
lean back, far back, over the Day,
over Fate, and
over the
of us.