Liebster Award!!

by abubhaji


Many thanks to, Wall of Words, for giving me the honor of relaying the Liebster Award back to the wordpress writing community! Thank you for extending it to me. I truly appreciate it! Cheers ~
  1. Thank the person/people who nominated you by providing a link to their blog in your Liebster Award post.
  2. Give 11 random facts about yourself. Have fun with this one! You get to use bragging rights or things you’ve wanted to get off your chest for a long time, so go for it!
  3. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you. Know that you can have fun with this as well!
  4. Nominate 11 other blogs that have 200 followers or less. That was the criteria used here.
  5. Ask your nominees 11 questions of your own. Time for you to get some satisfaction after you answer your questions.
  1. I do not like them here or there, I do not like them anywhere, I do not like green eggs and ham, I will not eat them.
  2. I dug corduroys as a kid and I’d wear a pair now if I had some.
  3. Mr. Robinson, Mr. Robinson (what a horrible mess) I broke your window with my words, and I’ve come to confess!
  4. I’m not what you think, think Iago.
  5. Ulysses once said, “I am a part of all I have met… ” I really dig that line (and the rest of the poem). Know that, my poems will sometimes contain parts of you.
  6. I do not heat my PopTarts or use salad dressing.
  7. I find poetry in many places outside the lines, one day I hope I can find the words to share some of it with you.
  8. My favorite color has always been green, but thinking about that now, perhaps its due to green being both bright yellow and dismal blue at the same time; sometimes I feel that way when life gets rough and I need to think positive. Green is also the color of Starbucks straws. Go figure!
  9. I met Kirk Hammett from Metallica recently, he told me his favorite Bukowski poem was Bluebird. I guess that qualifies as a random fact about Kirk but seeing as he was cool enough to share that with me, I’m cool with sharing my #9 here with him.
  10. I do break rules, but I relocate spiders.
  11. I am grateful for receiving the Liebster, it’s nice to be recognized, but what’s even better is that I get to nominate some people too! That’s too cool. On top of my list would be the one that nominated me, Wall of Words. I don’t think I can reciprocate that way but please know that I would. Thanks!
  • Given your choice of countries to live in, which would be your number 1 choice and why?
USA ; It’ s home. It’s where the people I love are.
  • What would be your favorite mode of travel if you could chose i.e. Airplane, Automobile, Boat, Bus, Helicopter, Motorcycle, Train etc. and why?
Heck, if I could fly myself around, like with a cape, that’d be cool. Whatever gets me there the fastest and safest.
  • What is your favorite dessert?
My favorite dessert that I can’t eat is ice cream. My favorite desert that I can eat is a shot of tequila while sitting on top of the world.
  • What would be your favorite beverage?
Venti-sized elixir of life, iced, no sweetener or room needed.
  • Who is your favorite poet in the entire world?
I have to say Bukowski. Though I experiment with many, I always go back to him. He was also a horse-player. I used to go to the track with my grandpa and feel a bit of association in that regard. He can be a bit crude, but his honesty (through embellishment) is great, and, his stripped-down clothesline style is magnetic to my simple brain cells.
  • If you are one who plays board games, which is your favorite? If not board games your favorite sport?
A great game to play on a board is beer-pong. I don’t play often but it’s great fun with many people. I’ve mentioned the track already; it’s one of my favorite sports. “Sports” is an interesting subject for me as I have always enjoyed them but I’m also moving away from them. They seem to be less and less sport-like these days.
  • What was your all-time favorite movie?
Whale Rider! I love movies: from Peter Lorre in M, to Joaquin Phoenix in the Master, to the Princess Bride, to Onibaba (awesome), to the new Mad Max Fury Road, I dig soooo many, but for some reason Whale Rider is my favorite.
  • Do you recall the first book you read as a child? What is the name of it?
I used to carry around Syd Hoff’s Danny and the Dinosaur.
  • Do you recall your favorite teacher in school (any grade), what was their name and why?
Many cool teachers; Mr. Miller in Biology was the first to make me consider teaching when I grow up. Mrs. Feldman in Jr. College taught me about “sound and sense” and introduced me to some wonderful material, and Mr. Fuchs was such a bad-ass English teacher, I took him four times. But it was Mr. Anderson, in 1st grade that wore a bandana, played guitar, and read Shel Silverstein to us; that was way cool.
  • Do you play a musical instrument and if so which one?
  • This question is for you to fill in and give us the answer to your own question. This should be fun so just give it a go and let’s see how you do.
If you could improve one thing about the poetry you write, what would it be Abu? Sometimes, I feel like I am writing on the surface or at least my deliver doesn’t run very deep. There are subjects I leave alone, deeper ones. I entertain myself to some degree when I write, it’s a bit improved, and I rarely strive to deliver something that’s very emotion-drenched. I am in perpetual debate with myself over what I should be doing.
Timothy Parkin Poetry
Poems by Nadia
U R always WELCOME (again! that’s right!)
Americana Injustica
Wuji Seshat (I know the rule but I’ve got questions Wuji’s got answers)
Poems of Childhood
  1. Who is your favorite poet?
  2. What is your favorite poem?
  3. What is your favorite thing to write about?
  4. Who is Charles Bukowski?
  5. If you could change one thing about your writing, what would it be?
  6. If you could have any animal as a pet or friend, what would it be?
  7. What mythological creature to do best identify with?
  8. Do you aspire to be published?
  9. What’s your favorite rule to break?
  10. Give me a one or two word prompt, please?
  11. Name someone you admire?
  12. Do they know?
Only a couple more things about this award. If you could please confirm back, through the blog, that you accept the nomination, that would be great. As I found out, it takes quite a bit to put one of these together but it can honestly be fun and rewarding. This is a wonderful community to be in and great to be a part of a place where I have yet to see harshness enter into the lines of great words by folks like yourselves. It is an opportunity to have a voice, that can be heard. All the best to each one of you and remember to make it a lot of fun.