Ling’s Note

by abubhaji

It’s all relative;
take Lydian
or Mixolydian –
Sappho, Bro, invented that shit
in 7th century B.C., no lie              fuckin’
imagine Sappho
starting on the 7th, of C
in key of F, flattens the B,
B-flat being the minor
of G-flat (modes, bro), but          fuckin’
what’s a G-flat tonally? It’s A-sharp!
What’s A-sharp got to
do with the key of F?
Starting on the 7th, of C
bro, don’t you see?         fuckin’
Just play your A sharp,
you would think it wouldn’t work
it shouldn’t be in there right? fuckin’  you do it
anyway, you just
fuck with that note, just that
ha!         see?                      fuckin’
Make a seventh chord, 1st-3rd-5th-7th
what I want to hear are the notes in
between; the ones not
being played
by Sappho