Ode to Walt

by abubhaji

I celebrate the animation of me, the silliest of symphonies, air cerebral,
Inebriation in Grecian waters,
                                        organic well of Spring, the four seasons,
riding the wave beyond tomorrow-land to help, p-p-piglet, me.


I celebrate the hook, the clock of infinite tick-tocking, tick-croco-diling, following
the moonlight sonata, unicorns and pans frolicking, centaurs surrounding
toe-dipping fairy-flight, pond-side, Chiron, polliwogs under lazy fireflies, Mister-


Toad hollow follies, Icarus meet Icahbod. I celebrate the think-I-can chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga, choo-choo with its
carnival cargo go-going, merry-go-round the bend
Big Ben
towering celebrates the second star, that’s right
to you, left to me, left to applaud; dapper daffodils, gracious
petal-hand shakes,
                            trees and shrubs
                                                                       dancing like swirling dwarfs.


Meet with me, in the middle of the stream. Invest in the line that draws us together, fulfilling harmonies
myth and metabolic.


Zeus speaks
in lighting bolts and Donald dodges another bullet. Ferdinand knew:
stop, smell the daisies, new to freedom, he was
held as captive as I, not the I that I celebrate but the I that witnesses the celebration that I no longer.


Make a wish,
                                           I will you to wish upon a star.


Celebrate, the curvature of my apparatus, the depth of my inter-being, the heffalumps and rabbit-holes I encounter
on my way to hmmm? (think-think) a smackeral of honey, perhaps. If you could be


so kind as to let me see inside your honeypot.


Night has followed: the charades, parading about my thought as pink pachyderms ring round
the roses,
the garden of our union sings tonight.
Let it.
Let the stars shine bright over our pilgrimage of the organs, the heart will
lead us as does the magic feather
leads the fearless.


“Hootenanny!” Dare say I as I celebrate the Kingdom.