As I was saying

by abubhaji

As I was saying, if Art,
Is the imitation of life
And poetry is art,
Poetry then, an imitation of life,
Of the living-
Should life not be more poetic?
The air would be cleaner
Fruit would peel itself
Like the snake who grows
Less fond of the grass, as
Sassy lambs milk themselves happy
The food would be sweeter
Accessible ambrosia-
Less dysfunctional signage
More positive moods swings
To rock about on the porch all day, happy
The landscape would shine
Mythic and benign:
Railway cars loaded with
Limitless possibilities, zig-zag
Through towering for- giving trees (sappy)
Time would bend for us, You’d
See me as a monster no longer.
-All children would have homes
And the lonely too, wouldn’t know
What to do with the attention
They were given
But Art is not Life.
Life is a man that gave it all
And received nothing-
Nothing kind, anyway-
But irony in a sign that reads,
“Let it go”