Grand Moff Tarkin

by abubhaji


Grand Moff Tarkin
Once, rising star of the Imperial Construct:
known for his goal-driven project
management methodology over the course
of the Death Star build-out; despite its short life –
the successful recruitment of Darth Vader;
and lesser known, his being the sole strategist of the high yielding and resourcefully
 prosperous stormtrooper
outsourcing program, and scandalously uncovered,
no longer myth, that being his being
the chief commanding architect of the Imperial Destroyer sub-leasing
has resigned today.
The Empire wants us to believe he was simply ready to retire.
However, the Alliance Ledger’s new narrative has cited him as saying,
“Imperial Management has lost its conviction. Once a universal threat, hungry
for power and strict order, has lost itself in a cosmic cloud
of intellectual properties. It’s focus on rule
through merchandising and distribution is not in alignment with
our value code and in fact, has become
too ‘Mickey Mouse’ for me to support.”