Catching Air – for Josh Derksen

by abubhaji

One by one, under streetlamp light, we took turn
at the makeshift ramp (if only Life was built upon
broken stumps and plywood scraps). With our hearts
in our throats, steadfast our grip, we charged our bikes
at slanted fate with surging awe and untamed naivety, 
peddled fast, as though our lives depended upon it;
some of us, failing to launch, unable to handle
the weight, followed the bars over, falling, while
some of us, with the gift of strength, of knowing
when and how to pull up, caught elated air, felt
the rush of being alive before the cold wind whipped
bliss into tears. A few of us, those who had the
deepest hearts, the gift of grace in their stride, and the
love of us all in their pocket, those friends rose above
and never came back down.