Medicine Jar – for Kokopalien

by abubhaji

Medicine jar sits
Upon Sedona window sill
Leave your shoes, feel the earth, we share
the autumn blood moon, but blood roots no…
But we know:
Over the road, Mrs. Daly’s ponies run wild,
Salt-rock rounds grapevine trespasses,
Goldfish, in koi-pond pool-side, hide from
Large black dog on guard,
Tetherball circles pole, chain clacking
Bumper-pool balls rack and roll,
BB-guns air-pumped,
Pepop, Pepop we know we knew,
Foreign currencies pinned to the wall
Downstairs, kids play out the holiday, circles
Our memory as the blood moon circles
The earth we share.
Kokopalien circles the court
On his mongoose
with two mag rims.